Thursday, 26 July 2012

July GlossyBox

Okay so I love getting a GlossyBox through the door, it's like getting a present every month. Now I know you pay for it, but as you don't specifically order it (I have the continuous subscription) it's always a lovely surprise.
Now of course I don't always love everything in every box, but I think it would be odd if I did! But I've never had a box I cannot use anything from, I always feel I get my moneys worth, and this month is certainly no exception! Here we go...
This was what this months GlossyBox looks like. Its a standard, normal edition pretty pink box, with black tissue paper, black shred inside and a pink ribbon. It's so helpful that GlossyBox also include the little leaflet about all the products! I have loads of these boxes now, and although I use some of them to store things, I'd love some suggestions on what to do with them (seems a shame to throw them that weird?)
Doesn't it look full? Yay!
Monu Night Renewal Complex 20ml
Okay, down to business. The first item I pulled out was this Monu Night Renewal Complex. I am so excited this is for normal to combination skin, as I do have oilier skin, and often I get sent rich moisturisers! I used this last night and so far, so good! Left my skin soft, but not greasy. Didn't seem like anything special, and not sure I would buy a fullsize one for £36.95, as it would have to be a miracle cream as far as I was concerned to warrant that. But as it was only the first night, we shall see!
Smells pretty good too.
Nuxe Multi Usage Dry Oil 10ml
I love me a good dry oil, and this seems to be that! I have dry, itchy skin on my body, and get dermatitis. This unfortunately means I scratch during the night, and have scarred my back and legs doing this. So I am always looking for good moisturising, non-greasy products. I have used this twice now, and my skin feels heavenly. Once I have finished this, I will certainly consider buying the full size!
Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist 100ml
I find it hard to know whether these moisture mists work, I never feel I get very satisfying results. But in the hot weather we have been having, its been lovely to spritz this across my body. I think it's working to hydrate also, but to be honest I am not sure. It has a lovely light fragrance, and a refreshing feeling. And seeing as a 300ml bottle is only £9.95, I may think about buying it. But I certainly won't be running straight out.
Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Lip Frosting 15ml
Ooooooh! I love this stuff on my lips, I've tried it over lipsticks for a lovely bright pinky creamy gloss. Or on its own, for a wash of colour. And today I have it on over a dab of concealer, for a baby pink look. And it smells/tastes amazing (we all know taste matters when it comes to lip products!) My flavour/colour is Irish Cream Pavlova. MMMMMMM!
As for putting it on your cheeks, who are they kidding? I tried it, I hated it, so sticky! Everything got stuck to my cheeks. Hair, flies, dust, eww! If you have tried is and found a way to make it work on your cheeks please let me know!
Bex London Londoner Urban Fragrance 2ml
Meh, not got a lot to say about this. These little bottles never last long, and this scent is very nothingy to me. Certainly not worth the £81.00 price point for 100ml! I can tell its unisex and it is quite spicy. I don't think it smells bad, it's just not for me!
Bonus: Elizabeth Arden's Visible Difference Skin Balancing line x3 sachets
I have had the exfoliator before, and loved it, but didn't return to buy it as it was so expensive. I find sachets so hard to get a real feel for skin care from. I think they would have been better to put a mini of just one of these products in, then you can try it for longer, get a real feel for it. I don't think a sachet of face cream has ever swayed me. We shall see!

So the overall verdict is that I like, but don't love this box. Some really lovely products, but nothing revolutionary to me. I may buy one or two things, so I think I can count this as a win!
Thanks GlossyBox!

Thanks for reading,

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