Tuesday, 21 August 2012

August Empties!

I love finishing products, there's something rather satisfying about it. Plus I feel like I can open something new from my stash, which seems to be never-ending!

Ooh it's lovely to see lots of empty products, don't you agree?

This was my treat of a bubble bath this month. I love the Soap and Glory smell and this made my skin silky soft! I loved using loads of this in my bath, I always want hundreds of bubbles! Baths are my favourite way to relax, and this bubble bath made me feel very calm. I highly recommend it!

I still have some of the matching Dove Shampoo to finish, but I always seem to get through conditioner faster. I think I probably use too much, but I love the shine it leaves. This is a nice, if not great, conditioner. Nothing very special to say about it, my hair felt smooth afterwards and I would buy it again. But it wouldn't be first on my list!

I got this in a Glossybox a while ago, there were two sachets in the box. I used them both while in the bath, but only used half a sachet at a time, so managed to get 4 uses out of them. I have oily skin, so a moisturising  mask wasn't ideal. However I did like to use them when my skin wasn't at its best, as it seemed to soften my skin and certainly helped with drier patches on my skin. 

I got this mini bubble-bath from n-spa at Asda a couple of months ago. It came in a pack of four and was on offer, as they were christmas scents. I used it anyway as I had run out of my Soap and Glory one. This smelt just like hot butter fudge when I poured it in, but the smell did not linger either in the water or on my skin, so that was disappointing! It made bubbles, but I think that is all it did!

Until I found my Loreal Volume Million lashes, this Maxfactor False Lash Effect Fushion was my favourite ever marcara. And I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is on the hunt for a new mascara. It has a plastic style brush which I like as it creates a fan of lashes, although I know some people don't like that. Was sad when this dried up!

I am only recently really dabbling in the world of toners, and this is a pretty good one. It is a pretty cheap and cheerful product and as £3.29 you can't go wrong! Well, maybe you can go wrong. But so far so good, I am sure there are better toners out there. I have another bottle of this I am using at the moment, and then after that I may invest in something a little more expensive!

I got this in July's Glossybox and I ended up decanting the oil into a spray bottle and found it much easier to dispense. I use it on particularly dry patches of skin and I feel the difference in the skin immediately. I like spraying this on bare legs before going out for a nice sheen. I have decided to get The Body Shop's dry oil next and see how that is. I probably will put it into a spray again.

This is an Estee Lauder sample that I got free in a set when I bought some products. It was a nice mascara, but dried up incredibly quickly! I wouldn't spend the money on this particular mascara.

Can't wait to finish off some more products! And get rid of these ones!
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